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Sunday, 12 June 2011 01:43


Press Release


On the first of June a new victim was added to the long list of Iranians who have lost their lives in the hands of security guards of Islamic Republic in Iran. Mrs. Haleh Sahabi, one of the founders of « Mothers for Peace » movement in Iran was the victim of violent arrack by plain cloth scrutiny forces during the funeral of his father and passed away following medical complications. Mrs. Haleh Sahabi had been in prison for two years and had received especial permit from the authorities to leave the prison for a few days to attend her father’s funeral.


The Association for the Defence of Human Rights in Iran – Montreal vigoursly condemns the Islamic Regime’s behaviour that denies fundamental rights of Iranian citizens without any limit and through immoral acts that add to dark pages of its inhuman record. Disrupt a funeral ceremony that was taking place in full serenity and peace by assaulting the participants with violence acts committed by unknown militias is against all moral values and religious traditions. Peacefully participating in a funeral is one the most fundamental and natural rights of human societies and its denial is an expression of a tragedy impossible to describe.


Islamic Regime has systematically refused to arrest and expose those responsible for many assassinations and executions since 1980 including assassinations of political opposition inside and outside the country and execution of political prisoners following the presidential election of June 2009. Furthermore, many demands made to UN to take appropriate actions in order to shed some lights on these crimes have not given any results to this date.


Again, we have no other recourse than demanding again the Secretary General of UN to send a special investigator to Iran and specifically put the murder of Mrs. Sahabi in this mandate in order to identify those that have given the order, and those that have committed such a crime and bring them to justice.


We request the help and solidarity of the organizations active in the defence of human rights in Quebec and Canada to put an end to series of violence and repressions against defenceless people of Iran.


Association for the Defence of Human Rights in Iran – Montreal

June 6, 2011, Montreal



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